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Here at SJP Installations, we can arrange a development showhome anywhere in the UK. Whether you are a project manager or developer requiring a way to showcase your new property development, we are at your service as showhome installers. Our dedicated team will take care of every detail of the showhome to make the property your buyers are considering more attractive and demonstrate the potential of the project as a whole.


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How to arrange showhome installation

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It begins with a phone call or email to our team of showhome installers. From there we will have a conversation about what it is you need, or you can detail it via email if you prefer.


We shall provide an itemised quote, which we can amend on request if there are additions or subtractions you wish to make before going ahead.

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We will then book a time to complete the work and arrange a full schedule, deciding on the dates together so there are no clashes, and disruption is minimised.


With our new build showhomes the process is simple:

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We take the pressure off of your company by installing for you. 

We can collect the items in advance and then our team can deliver, build where needed and install the day before you even arrive on site.  We work as a team along side yourselves, placing pictures & mirrors where required. We can also install panelling if required.  We are not proud of using a polish to clean mirrors or vacuum to tidy after installing. 

After installing we dispose all of the rubbish for you, to style as you wish.

All our team are CSCS registered.

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A development showhome is also invaluable when a large housing project has been completed and there are multiple units available.

Where an unfurnished and empty property may appear unattractive to many buyers, our showhome installers give you the opportunity to show a property that looks homely and inviting, and gives buyers the impetus to make a more informed decision on their purchase.








With a showhome, it is all about the small things. A blanket draped over the back of a sofa, or a set of quality cooking pans lined up neatly in the kitchen, ready to be used. Our showhome installers make the whole process as simple as possible, but will be sure to attend to every last detail for your showhome, as if it were the room of a five star hotel.

When you arrange a new build showhome with us, you can be as specific or as open as you wish about the details. Either way, we will never let you down.

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Straightforward showhome installers

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